How To Make Sense of SEO if You Are A Newbie

29 Oct

SEO is not a bad thing when you consider all the potential benefits, and not to mention that you can make tons of money, possibly. Ever since the late 90s when Google first happened on the web, people have been using all kinds of methods to rank highly and generate targeted traffic. It has all been an evolution which is due to the back and forth nature of web businesses and Google trying to deliver a good product. So you need to put a lot more effort into the present; however, this certainly doesn’t change the basics – they will remain the same. We have selected a couple of important fundamental areas of search engine optimization.

After you are inside the top ten pages, that is when you have to begin keeping an eye on things in terms of where you are moving. Many times you’ll notice that all it takes is a bit of relevant link building to push your site up the search engine ladder. Regardless of how much time it takes you to achieve top rankings; you have to see to it that the search results are being monitored. And what kind of efforts you’re putting into it, will ultimately determine the returns that you get from your SEO, it’s as simple as that. Now let’s turn out attention to the images on your pages because they are useful. There are a few things you can do that will give you a few more SEO points. This is really easy, and all you need to do is take the page keyword phrase, you want to rank for, and place it in the image alt tag. So if you’re taking advantage of it, you’re obviously going to get something more out of your SEO. Avoid repeating the same word or phrase many times in the same tag as it will not help.

Now let us say that, for example, you are willing to rank a page for the term “Read More“. If you too are similar to me, and have been where I have been; so we all know that marriage programs are abundant, and you need to stand out from the crowd if you wish to do something; and due to that, you have some decent SEO competition. Just on-page optimization is not going to provide much results. So you are required to create some respectable backlinks to your website, so that search engines realise the authority of your website. But this does not make it all of SE Optimization. SEO’s do other things as well.

Always have fresh and original content on your site because there’s no exception when it comes to having unique content. As you know, Google and others know the value of content, and that is what they want to see. It is not content alone that will rank your site, but rather the kind of content that makes people like your site. Besides this, you won’t have to work ‘extra’ hard for the backlinks when you’re getting them just like that. So whether you’re creating the content on your own, or outsourcing it, make sure it’s good enough.

SEO is a dynamic area even if there are a few aspects that have not totally changed. Get used to the fact that search algorithms change all the time, and several times a year there is a major change with Google’s algorithm. So if you take the time to get a solid grounding in the basics of SEO, then you will in a good position to continue. So it’s up to you how much action you take and how effectively you work on enhancing your position in the search engines.

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